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I am a newbie to 3D Printing. I have spent a few hours resurrecting an open box BIQU B1. It works, but I am not sure I have the latest firmware for either the screen (BTT B1 TFT35 V3.0) or motherboard (BTT SKR V1.4). Not too concerned about that right now, but when I do want to upgrade I always feel better if I know I can recover back to the previous version. I can’t find anything about downloading firmware from the printer before I upgrade. Help to do that?

Also, where do I go to find a User’s Guide for the Touch Screen firmware? I can’t find much that explains all of the various options beyond those needed to just print. What about the rest of the icons? What do they do?

 Thanks Very Much for Your Reply…

One day I hope to contribute, but right now I don’t know enough, obviously!

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Thanks Very Much...

I followed the link and see there is a "STM32" and "GD32" version. I assume that is for the particular MCU on the board. I have an STM32, so I think I can update the firmware.

Can you also tell me the maximum size TFT/SD card that the printer can use? I saw a 128MB reference somewhere, and I don't have anything that small anymore. I see where I can initialize the card but so far none of the cards I have tried work, so I suspect they are too big.

I don't want to take advantage of your kindness, but please answer one more question. I have installed a BL Touch sensor on my printer. But the icons that I was expecting to appear to run the ABL process doesn't show up in the menu. I know I have the wiring right. Do I need to modify and recompile the motherboard or display firmware to use the BL Touch?

Again - Thanks Very Much for your reply!

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