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-Z axis non working SKR mini E3 V3 on original Ender 5 with BL Touch


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I have searched the forums for a topic related to this board and haven't found it so I will ask here.

My mainboard died for my original Ender 5, I bought a SKR mini E3 V3 after reading some reviews and a BL Touch, I have everything installed and downloaded the firmware for this from the website for this configuration and it seems to have taken it fine.

After power up I tried to set the Z height but in the settings it will not let me go negative of 0.  I would try and compile my own but VS code keeps giving me errors and I don't know how to fix them currently as I am definitely not a programmer (I have tried to follow two different  guides to compiling this). 

Any help would be appreciated I just want to be able to print again.



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