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How to choose a suitable 3D scanner for 3D printing

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3D scanners play an important role in the start and end of 3D manufacturing workflows. It also can be used in reverse engineering, digitizing hand-sculpted clay designs, or referencing the precise shape of the physical body.

3D scanners is still developing in the early era. Most 3D scanners are very expensive compare to 3D printers. And we have many different typer 3d scanners to be chosen, from desktop scanners to handheld 3D scanners.

during this post, we explore several of the foremost important factors to think about when purchasing a 3D scanner. There are these factors to consider when purchasing a 3D scanner as follow:


1.3D Scanner Accuracy and price

The accuracy is the most indicative of the performance of a 3D scanner. The high accuracy the better for anyone’s favorite with 3D printing. But the price of 3D scanners is rising with accuracy. So we must consider the price.

The required tolerances of your work can be a helpful guide for determining your accuracy requirements for a 3D scanner. Revopoint POP is the most cost-effective 3D scanner so far. You just need to pay 499$ to get a 3D scanner with 0.3mm accuracy. The performance is far surpass than XYZ 3D scanner Pro and SENESE 2.

chart of 3D scanner price2.Volumetric of scanning

The accuracy of a 3d scanner can affect the volume of the scan. If the accuracy of 3D scanner is high, then it can scan very small objects. Handheld scanners are more flexible than desktop models. It can scan vast objects like a room and also can scan small objects like a cup. The Revopoint POP can connect with a phone or laptop by WiFi,so it is very suitable to scan for taking human measurements for ergonomics and medical applications.

3. The print results from the 3D scanning model
The 3d printing result from the scanned model The precision of the 3d scanner can also be tested through 3d printing, these two models are printed very detailedly, and the beard, and wrinkles can be seen clearly. The precision of the 3d scanner is higher, the more details can be printed. These models are printed with BIQU 3D printer which is a high-precision 3d printer:

3D printing model

For scanning an object steady, you can put the objects on turntables.

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