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All works fine except for Z-axis speed


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Controlling my printer from Octoprint or bare G-codes my Z-speed is just fine as set in my Marlin firmware.

But if I try to move Z from my TFT35 knob any greater than 1mm at a time, the Z-motor stalls out from going WAY too fast.

I'm thinking it might be the same speed as is set for my X and Y axis.   Note the speed needed for Z is 10x less!

#define DEFAULT_MAX_FEEDRATE          { 6000, 6000, 600, 300 } 

How can I change that?   Firmware for the TFT?    Some Marlin setting I've missed?  Other?

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Unfortunately, changing the Z value in that set does nothing.

I'm using TMC2208 stepper drivers, and changing the Z-value from its original value of 1066.67 (3mm * 16microsteps * 200 steps/rev for my old stepper drivers) up to 20000 and down to 200 and it made no change in the behavior at all. Not even for the Z-position. (It still goes 100 mm for a 100 mm input.)

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This was active during a stalled movement of the Z axis using the knob to do Z +/-  at 1mm resolution. It stalled due to too many 1mm increments in a row. (likely about 3). 

A normal G1 Znnn movement on my machine must have F650 or less, otherwise stall.


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Ok, revisiting this I downloaded the TFT Firmware and found these:

#define SPEED_Z_SLOW   500   // Default: 500
#define SPEED_Z_NORMAL 1000  // Default: 1000
#define SPEED_Z_FAST   2000  // Default: 2000

The only one which WON'T stall my Z motor is the slow one. The other two will just sit and scream...

I'll have to recompile and burn my TFT FW.  That ought to take care of it...

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